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The Spirit is the one who gives gifts to us.   The purpose of the Spirit giving gifts is that He wants each of us to use whatever He has given us to encourage the body of Christ.   The River Encounter is not so much about convincing people that the prophetic is real or having a prophet give a powerful word, as it is about people encountering the Father's love and voice and gaining confidence in stepping out in faith.

Our desire is really to see people grow in their giftings and in their confidence to hear the Father.   When you can hear the Lord you are better equipped to minister the love of Christ in your sphere of influence.   We all have people who we influence directly or indirectly.   When we live out of an intimate relationship, we are empowered by the Holy Spirit to administer God's love and truth to those around us.

We know that not everyone is gifted in the same way but we believe that everyone can hear the Father's voice so we place the emphasis there.   We desire to encourage persons to actively participate.   Our goal is to create a safe place so that we as participants can learn and develop our own giftings.

We are committed to encouraging the body of Christ and equipping people to hear the voice of God.   We believe that hearing and obeying the voice of the Father is the essence of faith and the central focus of all Scripture.

All photos are views from the River Exchange.
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